Advantages that let you lead.

MMS by Kon-Cept offers you many advantages that give you a leading position across many areas. We have lived up to this promise for our customers, and continue to do so each and every day.

Models, engines, variants and equipment – cars have never been more customizable and complex than they are today. Development and production cycles become shorter each year, putting high demands on a manufacturer’s productivity, quality and flexibility.

Kon-Cept understands the demands of automobile production. Since 1998, Kon-Cept has been addressing these demands by specializing in planning, developing and implementing shop-floor IT systems and by creating unique solutions. Kon-Cept provides transparency of production and logistics processes. Deviations in the processes are visible instantly and solutions can take effect immediately.


Our intelligent Manufacturing Management System, MMS by Kon-Cept, establishes integrated and standardized processes throughout all production technologies. It gives workers more individual responsibility, which is reflected in the high-quality products they produce. MMS by Kon-Cept brings comprehensive and already tried and tested optimization to the shop floor.

Kon-Cept has the experience of helping to build more than 15 million cars with our MMS software.

Producing individualized products is a highly demanding and very complex process that requires comprehensive digitalization. Many conventional strategies for implementing a digital factory fail because the shop-floor IT does not follow a consistent concept.

As a shop-floor IT system, MMS by Kon-Cept closes the information gap between planning and production and establishes the digital factory throughout the entire plant. Processes become standardized, integrated and automated. Communication throughout planning becomes easier and more transparent. Response times are minimized. Together these enhancements enable MMS by Kon-Cept to reduce your start-up period by half.

MMS by Kon-Cept supports you during production and makes changes to re-balance operations significantly easier and faster. As a result, you will be able to immediately adapt your production to any changes in demand, allowing you to utilize your resources in the best way possible.


Standardized processes throughout the shopfloor increase productivity and reduce costs. With products and production processes becoming even more complex, standardized processes are a key factor to staying competitive.

 MMS by Kon-Cept implements all important processes in production, quality management and logistics. It is the ideal platform for the digital factory based on object-oriented configuration which provides extensive standardization.

MMS by Kon-Cept has been used successfully for years in many facilities internationally and has proven its high level of flexibility, scalability and reliability time and time again. Both its implementation and operation are cost-effective. The comprehensive set of functions offered by MMS by Kon-Cept gives you a perfect starting point for consolidating your existing shop-floor IT systems, letting you save on the costly maintenance that multiple singular systems require.


MMS by Kon-Cept manages all relevant data required for production, quality management and logistics. Decision-makers can access all the data at any time for the efficient operation of their plant.

MMS by Kon-Cept helps you avoid errors and mistakes allowing you to save on time required for rework or customer complaints. In addition, MMS by Kon-Cept provides data for Big Data and Machine Learning concepts.

MMS by Kon-Cept offers many advantages that may vary by individual client, but some figures are consistent:

MMS by Kon-Cept lets you cut your start-up times by up to half, reduce energy consumption in the plant by up to 10%, reduce direct quality costs per vehicle by up to 40 EURO, cut error rates by a factor of 10 and significantly increase on-time delivery.

Premium quality in each vehicle requires a variety of individual process to cooperate seamlessly. 

MMS by Kon-Cept implements electronic vehicle routing cards that support the workers in production by providing them with detailed and on-spot information. Errors by mistake or mix-up can thus be avoided.

MMS by Kon-Cept also implements electronic test charts for each car. The test chart records the entire assembly process and quality status of each vehicle. It lists tests and errors for full and complete rework.

In the same way MMS by Kon-Cept manages all automated production facilities and test equipment. The highly detailed data aggregated throughout the plant and its processes is at your fingertips at any time, enabling you to react to errors immediately.

The comprehensive documentation of all work steps, tests and possible required rework guarantees full transparency and traceability of all production and logistics processes.


Kon-Cept has successfully overseen the implementation of MMS by Kon-Cept in a large number of OEMs vehicle projects and component manufacturing for over 20 years. Based on this wealth of know-how, Kon-Cept is able to offer – aside from our cutting-edge software – services essential for implementing and operating the software. 

Our services range from consulting to trainings and the certification of experts up to 3rd level support. Kon-Cept will also support you in embedding MMS by Kon-Cept into your existing system environment and customizing specific functions. Automobile production is a global business. Kon-Cept has a network of partners for global support at our disposal.


We believe the key element of our business is the quality of our software and services. Therefore, Kon-Cept has implemented certified integrated quality and information security management systems.

Talk to us about MMS by Kon-Cept and let us design a service package tailored to your needs!

MMS by Kon-Cept lets you bridge existing systems and processes at points where real added value can be achieved, but also integrates itself into existing IT landscapes where changes do not make sense or are too risky. Kon-Cept knows the automotive industry first hand and offers a consistent focus on added value. MMS by Kon-Cept can be expanded gradually.

The shop-floor service bus is the fundamental communication hub in MMS by Kon-Cept and was developed specifically for these requirements. The service bus follows an open concept, creates efficient interfaces, closes information gaps and interlinks all systems and data to create the Smart Factory of tomorrow. It is the foundation for making production processes more transparent, more efficient and entirely leaner.


MMS by Kon-Cept can communicate with everything; from vehicle management, logistics server, PLC, electronics test, to quality management, maintenance planning and outbound logistics. This is what we call integrated process optimization.

Many manufacturers have separate organizational units for production and logistics, using different systems that are only loosely linked to each other.

MMS by Kon-Cept joins what belongs together. It provides a close and synchronized link between the production and JIS logistics. Pick processes in the supermarket, milk runs, fork lifts, Kanbans and many other processes are able to work from synchronized information.


On this basis MMS by Kon-Cept achieves a reduction in inventory, both at the line and in the supermarket. It boosts the quality of picking and thus prevents downtime and rework from picking errors. Special processes like inline redeliveries increase the first-time-correct number. Preassemblies can be done in the supermarket which results in a flexible distribution of the work load between production and logistics. The inline storage in the line lets you introduce cost-saving, long-distance JIS strategies.